Lacey Brown

Optimizing your listings for Q4

When it comes to optimizing your Amazon listings for Q4, what is your strategy?

Some sellers look at optimization simply as a way to game Amazon’s algorithm. But that’s only one side of the optimization coin. The other side is about creating a positive human experience. Remember, the algorithm looks at that too, through metrics like video views and conversion rates. And optimizing your listings for real people is something you can only do with a powerful feedback tool like PickFu.

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How PickFu Helped a First-time Author Reach #1 on Amazon

Business consultant Sean Rosensteel was in the midst of writing his first book when the media first began to buzz about the COVID-19 crisis. With the threat of an economic downturn on the horizon, many of Sean’s consulting clients began canceling or delaying engagements. This newfound free time meant that Sean could focus on finishing his book about living a life with intention.

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What the heck is PickFu?

As an e-commerce seller, you do everything you can to make more revenue. That’s why you spend so many hours attending conferences, researching products, and learning from experts on YouTube. 

In all of your e-commerce learning, you may have stumbled across the strange word PickFu, pronounced “pick-foo.”

Um, a what?

If you’re like most people, hearing that word may have caused you to do a head-tilt. But don’t turn away! This “PickFu thing” is something that you definitely need to look into. 

All right, so what is it?

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