What the heck is PickFu?

As an e-commerce seller, you do everything you can to make more revenue. That’s why you spend so many hours attending conferences, researching products, and learning from experts on YouTube. 

In all of your e-commerce learning, you may have stumbled across the word PickFu, pronounced “pick-foo.”

Um, a what?

We get that quite a bit. So, what is PickFu and why should you care? Glad you asked.

What is PickFu?

Put simply, PickFu is an online focus group.

Our feedback platform is flexible, fast, and offers a ton of value. It enables you to build different types of polls and select the type of person who will respond to them. 

With PickFu, you select a target audience, ask important questions, and gain insights that would be impossible to find elsewhere. Say you want to survey 50 moms with a household income over $100k. How and where do you expect to find them — a coffee shop? You don’t have to worry about finding survey respondents with PickFu; we do that for you.

When you run a poll, results start coming in within minutes. That means you could get feedback from 50 people in your target market in less time than it takes you to drive to your local Starbucks. 

Oh, and the results aren’t just dry numbers.

For example, if you show two different product images and ask, “Which photo is more appealing?” you’ll not only see a vote tally, but you’ll also get written comments from everyone explaining why they made their choice.

Are you starting to see how valuable PickFu can be for your business?  

Is PickFu a split testing tool?

If you think that PickFu is just another split testing tool, think again.

CashCowPro or ListingDojo may offer some similar features, but PickFu differs from other e-commerce testing platforms in three important ways:

  1. You aren’t testing live listings. When you run a poll with PickFu, you are privately gathering information, not messing with live listings. Testing live listings may have a negative impact on sales or search ranking. Think about it: if you split test a product image on a live listing, that means for about half of the length of the test, you are displaying the ugly-duckling image that wasn’t going to convert customers. This doesn’t happen with PickFu.
  2. PickFu polls are lightning-fast. Live split testing tools take days or even weeks to reach statistical significance. With PickFu, you can watch as respondents start answering your poll within minutes. Most polls complete that same day. At that speed, you’re able to gather a lot of information so you can make data-based decisions about your product or listing quickly.
  3. You can test against the competition. If you’ve been wondering how your product or listing stands up against the competition, you can finally find out. Our polls are private and happen outside of the marketplace, so you have the freedom to test your listing against other products. Say you test your main product image against the category leader’s main image. You can ask the PickFu Panel, “Which product are you more likely to buy?” Doing this will give you insight into what to copy, what to avoid, and how to improve your listing.

Check out some of the ways e-commerce professionals use PickFu to gather feedback on trustworthiness, pricing, and product variations.

What else makes PickFu different?

You can run Open-ended polls.

In an Open-ended poll, you pose questions like, “After viewing this listing, what questions do you have?” or “Would you buy this product? Why or why not?” or “Would you pay $20 for this product?”

Respondents provide you with real, honest (sometimes hard to hear) feedback about your product or listing.

Here are some of the insights you could take away from an Open-ended poll: 

  • People will pay more for my product than I thought
  • What I thought was helpful copy is actually confusing to customers
  • I’m not addressing a lot of potential customer questions

This information is invaluable to help set your product apart from the competition.

How much does PickFu cost?

A 50-person poll starts at $50.

The price goes up as you add specific audience targeting (such as Amazon Prime members, dog owners, or hiking enthusiasts) or increase your audience size (up to 500 people). 

Most polls end up costing between $50-$200. When you think of the potential ROI, the cost of polling is not only reasonable, you can’t afford not to do it. 

One other thing to note: at PickFu, you don’t need a subscription to run a poll. You never do. Simply pay as you poll.

Want to learn more about our pricing?

What do the pros say about PickFu?

Optimizing your listings is critical. One of the best ways to do that is to know your audience and get real, honest feedback from potential customers. 

Some of the top names in e-commerce believe that PickFu is the tool to help you do just that.

Here’s what they have to say: 

Don’t pick two – PickFu

You’ve heard the saying, “Speed, cost, or quality: pick two because three is impossible.” 

Here at PickFu, we don’t make you choose. 

With every PickFu poll, you get:

  • Speed: Most polls complete within minutes or hours
  • Quality: We have a deep and diverse pool of respondents, each thoroughly vetted to provide you with high-quality feedback
  • Cost: Most polls cost between $50-200, and no subscription is required

If you’re ready to start getting quality feedback from your target audience, click here to build your first poll.

Try PickFu for free and know what your customer really wants.

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