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Deciding what product to sell is just the first challenge that an entrepreneur has to face. Once you’ve got an idea of an item in mind, you also need to choose the coloring, packaging, and design of that product.

Often, it’s easy for businesses to get stuck in their own minds during this stage of the sales strategy. Entrepreneurs can quickly end up picking the product design that they like most, rather than adhering to the preferences of their customers.

But with PickFu, it’s easy to get insight into the kind of items customers actually want to buy. For instance, in this recent PickFu poll, the business owners asked respondents which style of coaster they were most attracted to.

Which One Won?

With 100 responses in total, the business owner received an excellent range of responses. Although participants clearly had differing opinions about which coaster was best, there was a strong preference towards Option A.

Additionally, the respondents in the poll also preferred Option B over Option C. This could be useful information for the entrepreneur if they decided to launch two versions of the same product. Regardless of their coaster choice, each person in the poll gave useful qualitative feedback on why they made their selection:

  • “I made my choices based on the visual pleasantness of the product. The first choice was because I like the color of the stone for the coaster. I also really like the rack the coasters sit in. The next two choices were based on a ranked order of visual pleasantness and utility.”
  • “[Option] A is my favorite; the marble-like design is very attractive and interesting. My second choice is [Option] C, the design looks a lot like natural stone and is very appealing, though not quite as attractive to me as [Option] A. [Option] B looks a little boring compared to the other two.”
  • “If I were buying coasters, image option B would be my first choice for coasters. I love the dark grey color of the coasters and the black stand they fit into; they’d match the decor of my house perfectly. My second choice for coasters would be image option A, because I really like the bright white color of the coasters, which would also match the decor of my home, but the color white is pretty common even if it’s marble. My third and final choice for coaster choices would be image option C, because I like it the least of the three choices above, even though it’s still pretty. I’m just not too into the off white or cream color of the coasters and they wouldn’t really match any of my decor.”

Many of the respondents noted that the reason for their choice was based on shade preference or style. Additionally, a few of the participants noted that they felt the style of the photograph was more professional for some options over others.

How to choose the best product options to sell

It’s hard to maintain an objective view of the marketplace when you’re trying to build a successful e-commerce business. Often, your own preferences get in the way of making the right judgment. However, a poll targeted at the people most likely to purchase your items can help you to ensure that you’re prioritizing the right products and designs for your portfolio.

If you’re not sure which design you should be using for your new product, try designing your own PickFu poll.

Once you know which style of product resonates best with your customers, you can learn how to optimize your listing with this useful guide.


Rebekah Carter

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