PickFu and ZonGuru: Test and validate before you launch

John Tilley, host of the “Amazon Seller Insights” podcast sponsored by ZonGuru, welcomed PickFu co-founder John Li for a chat about what makes PickFu a unique tool for testing and validating product ideas.

“We’re all too close to our own product,” said Tilley after hearing John describe PickFu’s capabilities. “The more you can get it out there and get some answers around it, the better you’re going to match what your customers are looking for.”

Scroll down to read the interview highlights or listen below.

Interview highlights

2:30 While many Amazon sellers use PickFU to A/B test product images and descriptions, John said PickFu’s true power is helping sellers get feedback before launch. The earlier they use PickFu, the better decisions they’ll make — and the more likely their products will sell once they’re live.

3:15 Sellers can use PickFu to determine what products to sell before sourcing them. That feedback will give them ideas for keywords to use later in bullet points and product descriptions.

5:30 Once sellers decide on product selection, they can then use PickFu to choose packaging — a critical detail. John said more than one-third of buying decisions are based on how a product looks in its packaging.

9:10 Another use case for savvy Amazon sellers: list potential bullet points in different orders and ask PickFu poll respondents to rank them. You’ll know which ones hit the mark with your target audience.

11:20 PickFu’s audience targeting lets sellers filter responses by age, education, income, ethnicity, and other demographics.

14:45 More sellers are using PickFu for competitive testing and listing audits. Doing so helps them anticipate customer’s needs.

18:00 PickFu has built its diverse pool of respondents with third-party panel providers. With every poll, sellers see results come back in real time — often within 20 minutes.

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