PickFu and Goldstein Patent Law: Validate product ideas before you launch

On this episode of the “Innovations and Breakthroughs” podcast, PickFu co-founder Justin Chen talks with host and patent attorney Rich Goldstein of Goldstein Patent Law about how businesses and entrepreneurs can use PickFu for product validation.

Read below for highlights or watch the whole video.

Interview highlights

2:40 PickFu’s platform gives you open-ended consumer feedback for validating a product idea before you commit thousands of dollars to production.

4:48 People who split test on PickFu are often surprised by poll results. What they thought was a good product idea, name, or design is rarely the one that wins in a PickFu poll.

6:12 How PickFu began: Justin and co-founder John Li had launched a restaurant review website. During a redesign of the site, they couldn’t decide on the version they liked best. They built PickFu to help them decide.

8:29 What makes PickFu unique is the mix of quantitative and qualitative written insights that users get.

11:48 Businesses and entrepreneurs often use PickFu for competitive testing. Justin has also seen attorneys use PickFu for likelihood of confusion tests, to make sure that a client’s branding or packaging is unique and doesn’t raise trademark infringement issues.

16:00 Rich recalls when lawyers used manual surveys to get consumer feedback as evidence in trademark cases. “The idea of doing it proactively before you launch a brand is fascinating to me,” he says.

19:20 Other creative ways to use PickFu include asking about the emotions that a logo, ad, or product image evokes. This kind of open-ended feedback is valuable for brand audits and keyword and SEO research.

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