Which name for a business that sells crystals outshines the rest?

Crystals are a form of artistic healing that many people find useful — and some entrepreneurs build businesses around.

Choosing the best name for such a business requires strategizing and testing with your target audience in mind, as this PickFu Ranked poll shows.

In it, the user asked 50 women to rank in order of preference three names for a business that “teaches easy ways to manifest your ideal life using crystals.”

Here are the three options:

  • Shiny Rock Society — Option A
  • The Art of Crystals — Option B
  • The Crystal Seeker — Option C

Can you guess which one won?

And the winner is…Option B, The Art of Crystals! With a final score of 56 after two rounds of vote counting, it edged out Option C (44) and outshined Option A (16).

Let’s find out why.

The more you know

In just four words, Option B provides information about the business and piques your interest, said respondents who ranked it first.

The Art of Crystals “implies that there’s more to learn, that it’s an art form, etc. It sounds classic and beautiful at the same time,” one woman wrote.

Other respondents liked the “mystical” quality of Option C, The Crystal Seeker.

“The name sparks curiosity and prompts a query or search,” said one person. However, as another person noted, “it makes it seem like you as the customer aren’t part of the interaction.”

Respondents loved the title, “The Art of Crystals.”

Option A, on the other hand, sounds “odd” at best and “childish” and misleading at worst, some said — “like a group of children who are out looking for shiny rocks, not necessarily crystals, just any shiny rock,” one woman wrote.

Who would take the name Shiny Rock Society seriously? Then again, those who ranked Option A as their first choice did so because it was humorous and not so serious.

One woman summed up the three options this way: “I really don’t like any of these names, but at least art [in Option B] implies a mastery of the subject. Crystal Seeker [Option C] sounds new age 70s. Shiny Rock Society [Option A] sounds like it could be a gemstone finding group instead of a business.”

Other highlights

  • Option B was the preferred option among all age groups except for 55-to-64-year-old respondents, 57.1% of whom ranked Option C above B
The results, filtered by age range.

What they said

“[Option B] sounds like a teaching book about crystals. It is closest to meaning in relation to the business. My second choice is [Option C]. ‘The Crystal Seeker’ sounds like the business is a crystal shop where people come to find the rarest of crystals. The name is good and might even be a good name for a high-end crystal shop.”

“I like Option B the best because the name has a very good ring to it. It’s also interesting and appealing. It has me intrigued. Like I want to know more about this business and what it has to offer. I think Option A is not very good, it’s not unique and sounds like it would be a scam.”

“The humorous approach in Option A will garner the most interest from those outside the very small group who are already interested in crystals.”

“I like ‘The Art of Crystals’ [Option B] the most as it seems to indicate a greater level of crystal mastery. ‘The Shiny Rock Society’ [Option A] was the least appealing as it seemed to make fun of the topic.”

“I think [Option C] sounds a little more mystical and more appropriate for that type of business. [Option B] is good also but they may think that it’s an artist. [Option A] sounds more like just a basic geology group.”

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Key takeaways

There’s plenty of food for thought in these comments for the business owner to consider.

Respondents liked that Options B and C support the notion that crystals have healing properties. Some thought Option B was most informative, but others felt that Option C fit the target audience of female consumers better.

And while a few women appreciated the casual cuteness of Option A, most felt that this type of business needs a more serious-sounding name.

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Want to dig deeper?

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