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When someone is scrolling through the app store, what’s the first thing to catch their eye? The app icon! With this in mind, creating an app icon that’s catchy will help increase your downloads. If you only have a mediocre icon, people will scroll right past your app without taking a closer look. 

A company designing a fun mobile app to connect college students ran this PickFu poll to test out two icon designs. With the attention span of young people being shorter than ever, this company knows it must get their icon design right the first time around.  

Both icons are bright and jump out at you. Option A uses multiple colors, while Option B sticks with just red and white. Each app icon features a different animal as well – the first uses a parrot while the second uses a seal. 

Do you know which app icon won?  

It was a close call between these icons! Option A won with just 56% of the vote. 28 out of 50 voters went with Option A, and 22 voters chose Option B. 

Each app icon was quite different in color and style, so what gave Option A the slight edge here? We’ll take a look at the respondent feedback to see what they liked about each icon design. 

When creating an app icon, color creates attention   

The majority of feedback for Option A had to do with the color choices. Respondents enjoyed the bright blue background and use of multiple colors.

One woman commented, “It’s a colorful icon that stands out. Will be easy to recognize on the mobile device being used. The light blue frame is great.” Remember, the more an app icon stands out, the more likely it will be opened by users. 

Another female respondent summed up the same idea nicely. “[Option] A is much brighter and unique than [Option] B. If I had [Option] B on my phone, it would blend in too much and honestly I would forget about. Then just delete it a few months later.” 

If you want your mobile app to get plenty of downloads and use over time, a colorful app icon will you get attention and keep it. 

Stay age-appropriate when creating an app icon

Just as Option A had a common theme in the feedback, so did Option B. Many respondents said they chose Option B because the parrot in Option A looked ‘childish.’ 

“Option B looks like it would be for an older audience. Option A is for kids,” said one respondent. “I believe college-age kids would be more curious in this one as Option A looks like it would be for a small child,” echoed another woman in her feedback. 

While using multiple colors can be eye-catching, a simple color palette done well can be eye-catching too. This poll shows that you have to think about your target audience and what will be age-appropriate for them. 

One way this poll may have delivered better results would be to use age range targeting. This pollster could have run this same test on an audience of only 18-24 years olds, as they are the target audience for the app.

Run a poll for your mobile app icons 

If you’re not sure which icon to choose for your mobile app, run your own PickFu poll. You’ll receive votes and feedback from a real audience to help you decide which option to choose. Polls start from just $50 and you’ll have results in as little as 15 minutes! 


Robyn Petrik

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