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Between commitments to work, family, friends, and volunteering, everyone seems to be going a mile a minute. Meditation apps address our growing desire to slow things down and take a break from worry. But how can you make your mindfulness app more appealing to users than the next one? Designing App Store screenshots that communicate your benefits is a good place to start.

In this PickFu poll, a developer wanted to find out which App Store screenshots would lead to more downloads. Option A was an illustrated design with a variety of colors, while Option B used pictures of nature and a mostly blue palette.  

Can you guess which one won?

Which One Won?

Neither won — it was a tie! Both options ended up with 25 out of 50 votes, splitting respondents down the middle. Let’s take a look at the respondent feedback to figure out why the two designs were neck-and-neck.

Embrace color when designing your App Store screenshots

The unique illustrated design of Option A immediately stood out to some of the respondents. “I think this one is more interesting mainly because it is not your normal meditation look to it. Does not have the trees, mountains, etc. that you normally see and like the one in choice B,” a male respondent said.  

In addition to the illustrated design, Option A received many votes because of its color palette. Several comments from respondents touched on color:

  • “The different colored backgrounds make it more eye-catching and intriguing.”
  • “I like the brighter color palette used in Option A. It appears more friendly and genuine.”
  • “I like [Option] A because of the variety of colors that keeps it interesting and encourages me to read about all the various features of this app.”

When designing your App Store screenshots, whether it’s a meditation app or not, don’t be scared to try a style that goes against the norm. It can help your app stand out against all the other apps in the same niche. 

Convey a relaxing experience in your screenshots

Words like calming and relaxing come to mind when thinking about meditation, so it makes sense for your screenshots to reflect that impression. Option B’s soothing color palette and photos of trees, mountains, and oceans give off a classic meditation vibe. 

The respondents in this poll picked up on these cues. Some feedback they offered for Option B:

  • “Option B feels more soothing and relaxing and I think would draw me to it if I was searching for a meditation app.”
  • “[Option] B seems more natural and serene, something I associate with meditation.”
  • “I like the relaxing pictorials this app provides and that reminds me of calming locations and settings that are peaceful which adds to my goal of seeking relaxation and meditation.”

If there is already a proven design trend in your app niche, it might not be bad to follow it. A classic design could draw in customers and generate more downloads. 

Optimize your screenshot test

A tied poll can be a confusing result. When a poll ends in a tie, how should you choose a winner?

In this case, it may help to look at the poll itself — specifically, the two options. The developer was hoping to see which design would be most appealing, but each design featured different text. The text variable could have skewed the results.

As a best practice for using PickFu, keep your options consistent. When testing images or designs, keep the text the same across all options. When testing text, keep any imagery the same across all options.

Test your screenshots before launching

If you’re trying to decide between two different design styles for your app, run a PickFu poll before committing to either one! You can customize your poll audience by iOS or Android devices, whether they play mobile games, and how much money they’ve spent in the App Store.


Robyn Petrik

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