Which One Won? Mobile app name ideas

With a massive number of mobile games available to download, first impressions are critical. Showing your mobile app name ideas to players before launching in the App Store is smart.

The game creator in this PickFu poll ran a split test of two possible app names. They targeted an audience of 50 respondents who play mobile games on either an iPhone or Android device

These respondents chose between Option A, Moe Moe Girls, and Option B, Zombie Girls. 

Which of these mobile app name ideas won?

Between the two choices, Option B won with a large margin. 43 respondents voted for Zombie Girls while only seven respondents voted for Moe Moe Girls. Let’s take a closer look at the feedback and see why that is. 

Choose mobile app name ideas that are easily understood

The name Zombie Girls won with such a high percentage of the vote because it’s easy to understand and visualize. Zombies have been such a big part of pop culture in recent years, so people can immediately imagine a game involving zombie girls. 

A male respondent commented that he liked the name Zombie Girls: “It sounds like a great name for a game – it would attract me right from the start just with that name.”

Another man felt the same way. “I am not really sure what Option A means, but I know what Option B means and who isn’t at least curious enough to download an app about zombie girls. It sounds like a cool game.”

Stay clear of mobile app name ideas that are too niche

The word moe comes from Japanese culture, and only a couple of respondents knew that Option A was referencing it. A male who voted for Option A preferred the name but mentioned it wouldn’t appeal to the general public. “Moe Moe Girls has a much better chance of catching the eye of [Japanese culture] nerds, even if it means nothing to the world at large.”

One woman shared that she picked Option B because she has “no idea what ‘Moe Moe’ means and wouldn’t have any idea what the game was about.” 

This kind of feedback shows how risky a niche name like Moe Moe Girls can be. If you intend to target a niche audience for your mobile game, then it’s okay to use a name only they’ll easily understand. If you’re targeting the general market though, stick to a name that resonates with everyone. 

Split test app names with a PickFu poll

Deciding on a name for your mobile game? Run a PickFu poll to see which name performs better and attracts more users. Polls can be set up any time, so you can split test names before going live in the App Store. If you’re currently developing a mobile game, create a poll and get feedback from a real audience!

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