What is the most popular ‘Squid Game’ costume for Halloween?

Tracksuits are trending this Halloween.

If you’ve seen “Squid Game” on Netflix, you know what we’re referring to. For those who haven’t watched the dystopian Korean thriller, here’s a quick rundown:

  • “Squid Game” is Netflix’s most-watched show EVER
  • The characters compete for their lives, literally, in a series of children’s games
  • You’ll never think of the game Red Light, Green Light in quite the same way again

As with most cultural phenomena, “Squid Game” has inspired social media memes, think pieces, and virtual watercooler debates. And now, you can dress as your favorite “Squid Game” character for Halloween.

We polled 50 U.S.-based consumers to find out which “Squid Game” costumes they would most want to wear this Halloween. Even if they didn’t watch the show, they all had opinions.

Let’s lift the curtain on the results (no spoilers, we promise).

Which ‘Squid Game’ costume would you choose?

Option A: Masked guard (red hooded jumpsuit)

Option B: Front Man (gold and black hooded parka and black face mask)

Option C: Squid Game player (teal tracksuit)

Option D: Giant robot doll (orange dress)

Who we polled

Our respondent panel was 58% male, 40% female, and .02% non-binary, ranging in age from 21-65+.

The racial/ethnic identity breakdown was as follows: 72% White, 12% Hispanic, .08% Asian, .06% Black, and .02% other.

22% of respondents said they hadn’t watched Squid Game at the time of our poll, but that didn’t stop them from voting.

Front Man, the front-runner

Option B, aka Front Man — the mysterious leader of the games — won our Ranked poll with a final tally of 27 out of 50 votes and a score of 54.

Option C, the tracksuit worn by the show’s doomed competitors, came in second with a score of 46. Option A, the masked guard jumpsuit, ranked third and Option D, the robot doll dress, was last.

Option B, the Front Man costume, won this PickFu Ranked poll.

What do the results tell us?

For one thing, regardless of whether they watched “Squid Game,” people voted based largely on how scary the costume looked.

Not only does Option B, the Front Man, fit the bill with its futuristic mask — “quite chilling,” said one person — it also looks the coolest, voters said. Male respondents were especially drawn to it; more than half ranked it their top choice.

I like the look and power that comes with [Option] B.” — Male, White, 35-44

My daughter has seen Squid Games and absolutely loved it! I plan on starting the series next week and though I don’t know the character indicated by Option B, the costume is too cool for school and I’d like to go as this character!” — Male, White, 45-54

Who IS the Front Man, anyway? | Source: Netflix

Comfort is key

Option C, the tracksuit, got its share of votes for practical reasons as much as stylistic ones. It gets stuffy under those masks, you know.

I would dress up as something that is not too cumbersome as that can get annoying on Halloween.” — Male, Black, 25-34

I like the little jumpsuits, I think they’re iconic and look badass.” — Male, White, 35-44

I haven’t watched ‘Squid Game,’ however, despite this I would go with Option C as my costume for Halloween. It’s versatile and could be used for other characters.” — Female, White, 35-44

The player’s tracksuit was made for trick-or-treating.

Be on guard

While some respondents liked the tracksuit for its subtlety (“Only people who watched the show would get it. I think that’s kind of cool,” one wrote), others preferred Option A, the guard’s red jumpsuit, for the opposite reason: it stands out.

The triangle face character seems to be the most popular among fans of the show and is recognizable so I would go with [Option] A.” — Male, White, 25-34

As someone who hasn’t watched the show yet, I still know that [Options] A and C are part of it, and I think the design of [Option] A is obviously pretty quirky and memorable. I’d probably buy that first, and the track suit is an easy costume too.” — Male, White, 35-44

The soldier is definitely the scariest one, follow by the killer doll and the Frontman.” — Female, White, 25-34

Not all dolled up

As for Option D, the robot doll featured in the first gruesome game, respondents voted along gender lines.

Two male respondents who ranked it last explicitly said they wouldn’t wear it because of their gender.

Only seven people ranked it first, all of them female respondents.

I liked the creepy evil robot on the show, so Option D is my pick. I think the contestants’ clothing would be comfortable to wear, so Option C is my next pick. I have no interest in Options B or A.” — Female, White, 25-34

“Squid Game” introduced viewers to a creepy giant robot doll.

Key takeaway

Blockbuster TV shows may come and go, but the elements of a good Halloween costume never change. The best ones are creepy, cool, and they get people talking.

Which “Squid Game” costume would you wear? Tell us in the comments.

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