Which One Won? Catchy mobile app names

Naming a new mobile app isn’t easy. Clever and catchy mobile app names help you stand out from your competitors, but it’s tough to know what users will think.

The right name for your app is one major way to build brand recognition, so make things easier on yourself by following tips from this PickFu poll. In this poll, the developer wants opinions on two potential names for a new app that enables users to gather information and chat with experts on any subject. 

Option A was wegatherapp and Option B was gatherx. Can you guess which app name won? 

Of the two catchy mobile app names, which one won?

Out of 50 respondents, 35 voted for Option B, making gatherx the winning name. There was good feedback for both options though, so let’s take a look at some of the naming tips we see here. 

Convey your message in the app name

When coming up with name ideas for your mobile app, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does the name convey what the app does?
  • Does it say something positive about the app?
  • Would anyone think of any negative connotations? 

A good app name will allude to the nature of the mobile app while still being an easy name to understand. Shorter names are easier to remember and integrate into conversations with friends and family. 

For example, many respondents were drawn to the simplicity and clarity of the name gatherx.

  • “Option B is simple while Option A is just word mush. If I saw the two side by side, I’d just assume Option A wasn’t even real.”
  • “I love the name gatherx. It is not too long and conveys that you gather experts.”
  • “GatherX has a good ring to it, and it’s definitely something the consumer can easily recall to share with friends and family.”

Consider misspellings and pronunciation

Whether you are using common English words in your app name or creating a new word, the name needs to be clear. When people see your app name at a glance, is it easy to read or does it look like a different word altogether? Can it be easily pronounced?

With Option A, a few respondents saw a completely different word at first:

  • “Option A is a lot to process and the name almost looks like ‘weather.’”
  • “If you have it all lowercased, it looks like ‘weather app.’”
  • “I preferred Option B over Option A because, looking at [Option] A made me think it was about the weather, rather than on any subject. It’s hard to read we gather app when it’s all one word. My eyes automatically see the word “weather” instead.”
  • “wegatherapp is a mouthful. It’s a lot to say and it does not convey what you gather.”

While Option A did receive a few votes, this is a good example of watching out for misspellings and pronunciation issues. An app name may seem obvious to you but a brand new customer may not understand the name right away.

Test catchy mobile app names with PickFu

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose your app name by yourself! Once you have come up with a few potential ideas, test them with a PickFu poll. Just like this example, you’ll receive votes and written feedback from respondents that will help you choose the right name for your mobile app. You can even target respondents by iOS or Android device, whether they play mobile games, and by how much money they’ve spent in the App Store.


Robyn Petrik