Who is PickFu’s market research panel?

PickFu is one of the best polling platforms out there to help you make business decisions. As a consumer research platform for app developers, online sellers, entrepreneurs, and more, our purpose is to help you get a second (or 50th) opinion from a targeted audience. PickFu makes it possible to poll people who resemble your target customer. Let’s take a closer look at who makes up the PickFu market research panel.

About the panel

The PickFu Panel represents a range of demographics made up of a diverse mix of ages, income levels, education levels, and more. We also offer targeting based on behavioral and psychographic traits, such as reading habits and mobile app usage. At this time, the market research panel contains U.S.-based, English-native speakers (more countries might be added later).

PickFu doesn’t content block like other survey sites such as Google. Panel respondents report their information willingly because they are eager to offer opinions. Their information is split into four categories:

  • Demographic (age, race, religion, gender, etc.)
  • Behavioral (factors that relate to customers’ decisions and online buying behaviors)
  • Psychographic (characteristics of your customers’ values, attitudes, likes, dislikes, beliefs, and priorities)
  • Geographic location (where they live, or the type of community they inhabit, such as suburban or rural)

These segmentations help you build your target audience. Segmentation connects your efforts with the right audience.

PickFu finds panelists through third-party services. The panelists are checked over to ensure they’ll bring the highest level of quality. This includes honest answers, thorough explanations, and a serious approach to your poll. Respondents are paid a small stipend for answering polls to the best of their ability.

Finally, each member of our panel is under a non-disclosure agreement. This means respondents of your polls are not to share any content within your poll. PickFu respondents take your poll seriously and want to help you make the best decisions for your creative projects. 

Why choose our market research panel?

Based on the panel’s demographics and the various types of respondents for your polls, what makes PickFu better than the rest of the survey platforms? PickFu is the better option to test your creative ideas for several reasons.


PickFu offers unbeatable insight based on the respondents’ written answers. Not only do you see how panelists voted, but you also get an in-depth analysis of the results. You’ll get written explanations from each respondent and corresponding demographic breakdowns.

You’re also able to filter comments by demographics. You can see what seems to work with some respondents based on their demographics and what doesn’t. If you have any questions or are confused by a submitted comment, you also have the option to ask follow-up questions to any individual respondents.


When you create a poll, it is immediately sent to our panel. Those who match your chosen targeting can respond to it within seconds. Results happen in real-time so you’re able to monitor the poll while it’s active, or you can walk away, and the results will be emailed to you.

The PickFu market research panel is motivated to reply to polls because they like the flexibility of answering at any hour throughout the day. Plus, respondents may earn bonuses for consistent high-quality work, ensuring all your results are thorough, helpful, and honest.

Data quality

At PickFu, we take quality seriously. Each written response goes through several layers of quality checking.

Our algorithms automatically score poll responses, blocking any replies that don’t make sense or seem like spam. In addition, responses are manually reviewed by the PickFu quality team, who can assign penalties and bonuses to respondents.

As a customer, you also have the power to quality-check answers from your audience. You’re able to flag responses as unhelpful which signals further review by PickFu.

What the market research panel has to say

The PickFu Panel enjoys answering polls. Our respondents willingly join because they want to help and say it’s fun. For example:

  • Gina says, “I like being about to give my opinion on things – what I think should be changed, or what I think works and what doesn’t! It’s fun to know my opinion truly helps things come to fruition.”
  • Jim V. says, “I like how I can use my preferences on everyday products.”
  • Penny K. says, “I enjoyed answering the poll and was pleased when the designer messaged me directly with a few more questions. That let me know that my answers do have an impact.”

When it comes to a question of who’s answering your polls and helping you make your big decisions, the answer will always be a market research panel of people who care about your product and want to see it succeed.

Do you have a product you’re ready to put to the test? Are you having trouble deciding between two or three ideas? Create a poll now and see for yourself how helpful PickFu’s market research panel is.