One secret to my success in selling on Amazon

I’ve been selling on Amazon since 2001. I’ve launched many successful private label brands and seven-figure e-commerce businesses. And I’ve shared my knowledge with others by speaking at conferences, helping clients who run their own Amazon businesses, and mentoring students. Collectively, my students sell over half a billion dollars on Amazon every year.

My goal has never been to grow the biggest business in the world. For me, selling on Amazon is about freedom: the freedom to travel to all seven continents, including almost 100 countries. The freedom to spend quality time with my wife. The freedom to be my own boss. Therefore, I look for tools that make my job easier, save me time, and pay for themselves.

My #1 hack for selling on Amazon

Last October, I spoke at the Global Sources Summit in Hong Kong. The room was full of advanced sellers looking to learn my seven hacks to grow an Amazon business. In my talk, I introduced strategies to pick products, improve product listings, and outperform competitors. But the very first hack I spoke about was PickFu.

PickFu is one of my favorite tools because it checks all of my boxes:

  • PickFu makes my job easier because, as I tell my students, I don’t know better than the customer. I might think I have all the answers, but the truth is I don’t, and neither do you.
  • PickFu saves me time because, in just minutes, I can finish a poll and move forward with confidence. Other split testing tools take a week or more.
  • PickFu pays for itself, as I’ll explain in this case study.

How I juiced BrainJuice’s performance

My client Brain Juice sells a nutritional supplement to boost mental clarity, focus, and memory. The company asked for my help to optimize product listings. I immediately turned to PickFu to test the featured image, a crucial element in improving conversions.

The product is sold in a 12-pack, and I wasn’t sure whether the main photo should show a lot of product in a display box, or just a single bottle of the product.

I posed this question to the conference room. Most people at my talk thought that a lot of product in the box was the right direction to head.

I then showed them my PickFu poll.

By a two-to-one margin, respondents in my poll preferred the image showing a single bottle of the product with a 12-pack icon. In their comments, many respondents noted that they liked reading the label on the bottle. It gave them a better idea of what the product offered.

As I demonstrated, a room full of experienced people selling on Amazon chose Option B. But as my poll showed, the kind of people who would shop on Amazon for this product preferred Option A.

Okay, that’s fine, you might say. But so what?

One product image change – a 35% increase in sales

In the month prior to my PickFu poll, the client saw 1,029 sessions and 164 units ordered (a 15.94% conversion rate).

In the month after I changed the main image, sessions increased to 1,417, with 254 units ordered (a 17.93% conversion rate).

In other words, without any change to paid advertising or other factors:

  • The number of sessions increased by 37.7%
  • The number of units sold increased by 54.9%
  • Conversion rate improved from 15.94% to 17.93%
  • Product sales increased by 35.2% (that’s over $2,600!)

All this from a poll that took me about a minute to set up and only cost about $50. PickFu helps me deliver results like this that wow my clients, and I can go back to traveling and living the life I love so much. Does it get much easier than that?

As I told the conference attendees, you can choose your poll audience to match your target customer. You wouldn’t want to poll younger people if you’re selling a skin cream to fight wrinkles, for example. Since I ran this poll, PickFu even introduced a new audience segment of people who take nutritional supplements! Next time my results might be even better.

I continue to use PickFu to split test images, titles, and product descriptions for my own products and for clients. If you want to see the kind of seven-figure success that I’ve had, you should try it, too.