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The challenge: making packaged foods look enticing on Amazon.

Photos of food sell themselves, right?

Not in e-commerce, they don’t.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies that sell on Amazon face a unique challenge: how to make foods that are wrapped or boxed look enticing. Let’s face it — a plastic package of dry pasta doesn’t exactly make your mouth water.

But, as Amazon brand strategist Daniela Bolzmann knows, there are tricks to optimizing food product main images to stand out on the digital shelf (while still adhering to Amazon’s strict guidelines).

In this tutorial, Daniela rounds up offers five tips that CPG brands can use to improve their main images and boost conversions.

Get Daniela’s tips in the video below. And for more of our e-commerce tutorials, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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Janet Rausa Fuller

Janet Rausa Fuller (she/her) is the content marketing manager at PickFu. Her editorial experience spans print and digital, newsroom and agency. She spent years at the Chicago Sun-Times as a reporter and later the food editor before shifting to marketing and content creation. She could live without dark chocolate, but she’d rather not.

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