Which One Won: Pizza making tools for home cooks

It’s hard to dispute the popularity of pizza. For online sellers of pizza-related products, a tougher call is knowing which pizza making tools will appeal most to home cooks. One seller decided to find out in this PickFu poll.

The seller surveyed an audience of Amazon Prime members and home cooks, asking them to rank five pizza making tools in order of which they would be most likely to buy and why.

Can you guess which one — or ones — won?

Which One Won?

Option C, a sleek and modern pizza cutter, came out on top with 18 votes. Respondents favored its unique design and said it would be most useful in their home kitchens.

Option E, a mat for rolling out dough, and Option A, another pizza cutter, also got a fair amount of love from respondents.

Option D fared the worst, with some saying they had no idea what the item was. (It’s a rake for sliding pizza in and out of a hot oven.)

Here’s some of what respondents had to say:

  • “I would only buy Option A, C, or B because they are pizza cutters and they would be useful. Actually I have something similar to [Option] C. I don’t know what [Option] E and D are for.”
  • “Option C (round blade with safety handle) and Option E are useful tools even if you don’t always want to bake a pizza. They can be used for other baking and cutting applications. Options A and B look like dough blades, which is a little less useful to me personally than the other two and I’m definitely not the target customer for Option D because we don’t have a real stone oven like people who would need this tool.”
  • “I chose [Option] C and [Option] B first because those are the 2 tools that I would most definitely use in the kitchen. Options A, E, and D are more restaurant type of tools and I would not need them in my home.”
  • “Everybody needs a high-quality pizza cutter, so [Option C] was my first choice. My second choice [Option A] was because I think it would help me make pizzas of a higher quality. My third, fourth, and fifth choice was because I don’t think I really need the tools, but I chose them in order of interest and in the order of quality I perceived.”

Know your customer when building your product portfolio

Before sellers go live online, they have to build their product portfolio. Even in a niche market such as pizza making, there’s a wide product selection to consider.

Surveying potential customers, as the seller in this poll did, makes that process easier.

If you need feedback as you build your product portfolio, why not run your own PickFu poll? For more on making the most of your product pages, check out our guide to listing optimization.