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Choosing a brand name is a big undertaking. Brand names need to be clever and catchy but also instantly recognizable, especially to people who are discovering it for the first time.

One business owner considered two names for a brand that enables apartment dwellers to start an organic vegetable garden in their limited outdoor space. Using PickFu to test two different names, the business owner asked respondents which name represented the business idea better.

Respondents chose between PatioHarvest (Option A) and PorchFarmer (Option B). A clear winner emerged between the two. Which brand name do you think it was?

The winning brand name is…

With a strong majority, 76% of respondents preferred the name PatioHarvest.Out of 50 total votes, PatioHarvest came away with 38 votes while PorchFarmer only ended up with 12 votes. 

Let’s take a look at why PatioHarvest did so much better.

Choosing a brand name that’s relatable

Reading the comments, it becomes clear that most people understand the words patio and porch differently. A consensus arose that apartments feature patios, not porches. This distinction almost single-handedly took PorchFarmer out of the running. For example, one respondent said she was drawn to PatioHarvest “because apartments have patios most of the time, not porches.”

Several of the voters also responded that the word farmer brought up the wrong idea in their head. One respondent smartly pointed out that “people in urban apartments don’t think of themselves as farmers but as gardeners.” Another respondent left a comment that “harvest evokes images of the produce you will get from your garden; farmer evokes images of hard work!”

Choosing a brand name that’s professional

While you should keep your business name relatable, it also needs to sound professional. It’s a delicate balance, and according to respondents, PorchFarmer missed the mark.

Comments like “PorchFarmer just sounds ghetto,” and “PorchFarmer sounds fairly ridiculous and borderline offensive somehow,” show this was not a winning combination of words. While these comments may be extreme, it’s important to think about your product name from all angles. You don’t want to choose a name that is accidentally offensive!

The importance of testing product names

As you can see from the varied reactions in this poll, it’s important to market-test the names you’re considering. Sometimes you’re too close to your own projects to understand how a name might come across, so split testing with a PickFu poll will give you unbiased feedback.

If you have a product name, service name, or business name you’re thinking about, start your own PickFu poll. Receive votes and comments about your names in only 15 minutes!


Robyn Petrik

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