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Choosing the best product image is crucial for online sellers. Product images impact click-through and conversion rates, so it’s hard to overstate the importance of high-quality images. Attractive images lend credibility to your product and instill trust in your brand. 

The seller of this workout towel bundle understands the need for a strong main image and created this PickFu poll to test two images. Both images feature the same products but have slightly different spacing and proportions. By split testing the two images, the seller quickly learns which image is more appealing to a general audience. 

Which image won the poll?  

The winner is Option B! The second image option won the poll with 56% of the total vote, while Option A scored 44% of the vote.

Thanks to the written feedback left in every PickFu poll, we can look at why the respondents preferred Option B. 

Choosing the best product image means not crowding your products

In Option B, the three products are more spaced out than in Option A, and the extra space resonated with many people in the poll:

  • “I like [Option] B because you can see the individual items better because they aren’t so close together.”
  • “I like that the items are not so jumbled or right on top of each other. The image looks like they were [photographed] together and not individually and then edited together. It’s [cleaner] and looks more real.”
  • “The setup in Option B looks nicer in my opinion than the one in Option A. The towel is front and center in Option B and if you were looking for the towel, I think that is the one anyone would choose.”

While a few respondents preferred the uniform size of the products in Option A, it makes sense to highlight the towel in Option B since it’s the selling point of the package. 

Certain designs will seem gender-specific    

When creating a PickFu poll, you have the freedom to word the poll however you wish. So along with voting for a preferred image, the seller also asked respondents if they thought the package was geared more towards men, women, or both equally. 

This is a common bias in polling known as a double-barreled question. Not every respondent answered this part of the question, which is why it’s better to ask only one thing. Still, the respondents who left an aswer felt this package was meant for women because of the colors chosen and the use of motivational phrases in the design.

Follow up on feedback in PickFu polls

When reading through written feedback from respondents, you can reply to feedback with follow-up questions, allowing you to learn more from certain respondents. The tester responded to several participants, gaining clarification on their preferred images. 

By running a PickFu poll, you will gain valuable insight into your product images. Your results can be gathered in as little as 15 minutes and polls start at only $50 each.


Robyn Petrik

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