Which One Won? Food product packaging design

The smallest change can make a huge difference to your conversion rates: the font in your logo, the brand colors you choose, even the arrangement of words in your Amazon product description. Product packaging is an essential brand asset, and perhaps even more important for food products. After all, we eat with our eyes first.

In this recent PickFu poll, an online seller puts their food product packaging design to the test with 50 Amazon Prime members who are avid home cooks.

Can you guess which one won?

Which food product packaging design won?

Option C was the overall winner, achieving a score of 56 to Option A’s close second score of 44. Option B only got scored 14.

Color combinations had a lot to do with how respondents ranked the packaging designs. Many felt that Option C’s combination of gold and green created elegance.

  • “Gold is the top of the line color. It’s what makes me feel like I’ve purchased the best of the best. The gold color stands out! I think Choice C would be the first one I would pick up and the one I would buy from the three choices above. The second choice for me is the solid dark green color. That is simply because it’s easier to read the white font on the green-colored background far more than it is to see the white font on the sliver colored background.”
  • “I think [Option] C with the two contrasting colors stands out the most and looks the nicest, so after being drawn to that first, I would choose that.”
  • “I like the contrast between the brown and green colors on [Option] C, it seems more warm and welcoming.”

Some felt that Option A’s solid green packaging was simpler and therefore more appealing.

  • I really don’t have any strong preference here, but personally I like the all-green one. It just looks simpler and more inviting.”
  • “I would most like to click on Option A. It has an incredibly sleek look to it. The design is very professional, and it makes me have a sense of trust for the company. It is really cool to look at, and I think the services would be great because of it. The coloring really goes together well!”

The results of this poll suggest that the seller will positive results by moving forward with either Option C or Option A, or perhaps combining the feedback into a reimagined singular design.

The proof is in the packaging

While there’s a lot more to selling a successful product than making sure it looks good on a shelf, product packaging plays a big role in selling success. On a marketplace like Amazon, customers flick through dozens of images in seconds. Sellers need to ensure that their items stand out.

If you’re deciding the right packaging for your product, why not try running your own PickFu poll for some helpful feedback?