Optimizing visual content: Amazon listing tips from Rafael Veloz of Share It Studio

Rafael Veloz, the CEO and founder of Share It Studio, recently spoke about optimizing visual content on Amazon listings in a webinar with Justin Chen, co-founder of PickFu. Share It Studio is an Amazon marketing agency focusing on creating visual content through data analysis. Rafael’s expertise lies in using data to create effective visual content that connects with the buyer persona and triggers emotions that drive purchases. In this conversation, he shared his insights on understanding the buyer persona and using data to create effective high-converting Amazon listings.

Importance of Understanding Buyer Persona

One of the key takeaways from this webinar was the importance of understanding the buyer persona. Rafael emphasized that emotions drive purchases – and that you should use visual content to trigger these emotions. He suggested analyzing data to determine the buyer’s age, interests, and other factors that could influence their purchasing decisions. Particularly, Rafael noted that even small details like color and props could make a big difference in connecting with the buyer persona.

The Power of Amazon Main Images

Rafael stressed the importance of main images in an Amazon listing, as they are often the first point of contact with potential buyers. He suggested testing different main images to determine which ones generate the most clicks and conversions. He also emphasized the importance of keeping the main image simple and easy to understand, with a focus on the product in use.

Emphasizing Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle images were also discussed as key assets in an Amazon listing. Rafael emphasized that these images humanize the product and make an emotional connection with potential buyers. Rafael suggested using lifestyle images to answer buyers’ commonly asked questions and make the buyer feel welcome.

Case Study: Minimalistic Wallet

Rafael shared a case study of a client who was selling a minimalistic wallet. The client’s assumption was that the target buyer would be male. However, through data analysis, Rafael’s team found that almost 50% of the buyers were female, despite the wallet being primarily marketed towards men. They also found that 85% of the buyers were married. Based on this data, they created content geared toward couples, emphasizing that the wallet would make a great gift for a man. This strategy resulted in increased clicks and conversions.

The Use of PickFu

Throughout the webinar, Rafael emphasized the importance of using data to create effective visual content. He mentioned that Share It Studio uses PickFu to test Amazon listing images to determine which ones are most effective. PickFu provides quantitative and qualitative data on how potential buyers respond to different images, allowing companies to make informed decisions about their visual content.

Overall, Rafael’s insights in this webinar demonstrate the importance of understanding the buyer persona and using data to create effective visual content. Companies can create content that connects with potential buyers and drives conversions by testing different images and analyzing data.

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John Li

John Li is a co-founder of PickFu and has been a serial entrepreneur for over a decade. With degrees in Computer Science and a strong product background, John is passionate about building systems that help others succeed. When not building PickFu, John shuttles his kids around in his dream car (a minivan).