How a Book Title Impacted Performance by 400%

Piyanka Jain, author of Behind Every Good Decision and CEO of Aryng, a management consulting company focused on analytics consulting and training, wanted to optimize her book titles and book covers. Using PickFu, she increased the efficacy of her book titles by four times!

A New Analytics Tool For An Analytics Expert

Piyanka was new to the book-writing and publishing process and wanted to find a title that would both attract her target audience and invite new readers to buy the book. While researching the publishing process, she read Tim Grahl’s Your First 1000 Copies: The Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book. Tim’s data-driven process includes using PickFu to select a compelling title and cover.

45 Options to 4 Through Actionable Insight

Piyanka started brainstorming 45 different title options with her team. Using her existing community and assessing their preferences, she whittled that list down to eight contenders. That’s when she turned to PickFu. She ran a round-robin of potential titles and subtitles on PickFu, which led her to four final titles:

  • Behind Every Good Decision
  • Addition Precision to Your Decision
  • Minimizing Analytics, Maximizing Results
  • The Guide to Business Analytics


PickFu polls also provieded Piyanka with valuable explanations. Some examples from one her polls:

  • “This title appeals more to an audience that is focused on results rather than process.”
  • “The word “analyze” twice in the title throws me off. I like the other one because it makes me feel like I could almost complete the sentence, but I want to see how the author handles it.”
  • “It sounds like you are being let in on a secret.”

The Final Touches

Piyanka finalized the book title decision by creating four variations of text ads using Google Adwords. The one with the highest click-through rate (meaning the percentage of people who clicked on each ad) was the final title Behind Every Good Decision, which netted four times the click-through of the second place title, The Guide to Business Analytics!

Now that Piyanka had her title settled, she used PickFu to help her create a book cover. She mocked up two different covers, and the PickFu results where clear: 76% of those polled preferred one cover over the other:


Let PickFu help you select your book title and/or cover. Try a poll today!

piyankaFor more information about Piyanka and her book, Behind Every Good Decisionplease see her website.

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