Which One Won? Positivity in business book titles

Even the tiniest changes in business book titles title can affect whether a reader buys your book.

One author recently tested two versions of a book title with PickFu. The author polled 50 college-educated respondents and asked, “I’m writing a book on how to attract and hire great people. What title do you like the best?”

Option A reads, “Escape the Hiring Trap: How top companies beat Facebook, Amazon, and Google for talent.”

Option B says, “Win the Talent War: How top companies beat Facebook, Amazon, and Google for talent.”

Can you guess which one won?

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How to Structure a Self-Help Book

Back when I was a curious high schooler in my mom’s English class, I got to read a slew of self-help books. My mom always had her sophomores read them extensively, hoping to arm teenagers with wisdom as adolescence hit with full force.

The structure a self-help book had was important to me even then.

I used to check the table of contents for the juicy-sounding titles. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, for example, offered chapters named “My First Kiss, and Then Some” and “Dead at 17.”

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Black Lives Matter

Over the past few weeks, our team has been inspired by the protests and community-led action taking place in all the areas where we live, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Nashville. We’ve been glued to our social media feeds, having difficult conversations, amplifying marginalized voices, and asking what more we can do.

Today, we’re committing $20,000 to forward the cause of equal justice and alternatives to policing.

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Which One Won? Bundling products on Amazon

Deciding how to take a product to market can be difficult. You need to determine a pricing strategy that appeals to your target audience. One easy way to assess whether bundling products on Amazon is a worthwhile idea is to run a PickFu poll.

In this poll, the seller wants to see whether they could achieve better results by selling two products separately or combining them together into a cost-efficient bundle.

Bundling products on Amazon

Can you guess which one won?

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Which One Won? Self-help book cover design

When you think of retirement, do you feel a sense of happy expectation? Or does the abyss of unemployment freak you out — what in the world will you do with your life?

One author set out to write a book to help us all stress less about retirement called Stop Freaking Out About Retirement: How to Reach New Goals & Enjoy Your Life When Work Ends. She ran a PickFu poll to choose her self-help book cover design.

Option A shows brushes of color behind the title, and a mostly blank, white background. Option B removes the color and adds green falling leaves instead.

Can you guess which one won?

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How to Retarget Amazon Customers on Facebook: 5 Strategies

Editor’s note: Thanks to Anthony Bui-Tran of Pixelfy for this guest post on how to retarget Amazon customers on Facebook.

In marketing terms, the basic difference between targeting and retargeting (sometimes called remarketing) is that in targeting, your brand talks to cold audiences, while in retargeting, you talk to warmer audiences. Therefore, once you learn how to retarget Amazon customers on Facebook, your campaigns have a higher chance of engagement and will generally see a higher click-through rate than targeting. It not only provides higher value for the money, but it also helps you build a reliable brand following.

I’ve put together this detailed guide on how to retarget Amazon customers on Facebook based on my selling experience. I’ll share five best practices, along with a simple tool my partners and I developed to take your retargeting ads to the next level.

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Which One Won? Productivity Book Titles

A book’s title tells your potential reader in just a few words why they should read your book. It’s an essential marketing tool that authors often agonize over.

Fortunately, writers can reduce the chances of investing in the wrong title by running their ideas through PickFu.

One author asked 50 people which title would be most appealing to them for a book about internet addiction and productivity.

  • Option A: Live like you mean it:The best digital guide to reach amazing productivity, fight internet addiction, and avoid time management failure by simply defeating several billion dollar companies.
  • Option B: Live like you mean it: The secret of defeating web-based procrastination and internet addiction. A simple plan that cost me years and tears to come up with.

Can you guess which one won?

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Which One Won? Does steak sell steak knives?

There’s nothing more natural-looking than a steak knife cutting into a slab of meat. The sight can make a meat lover’s mouth water, and it would follow that featuring a nice cut of meat next to a steak knife set could appeal to potential customers.

One seller recently ran a PickFu poll to test that very thing. They wanted to know which primary Amazon photo to use for their steak knife listing.

Option A showcases a steak knife set, two accessories, and an image of…well…steak.

In Option B, the steak is gone and instead, all three accessories are visible.

Can you guess which one won?

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How to Publish a Children’s Book on Amazon

Whether you’re going the traditional route or self-publishing, bringing a book to market is no easy task. A children’s book can be even harder depending on the targeted age and whether you need illustrations or not. There a lot of questions when it comes to publishing a book on Amazon, let alone a children’s book. So, let’s discuss how to publish a children’s book on Amazon.

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Which One Won? The best Amazon images

When it comes to selling on Amazon, merchants only have a handful of ways to make themselves stand out from competitors. Your product title can make your listing more clickable, and the content in your product description is likely to impact conversions. But often, the first thing that will capture the attention of your target audience is your Amazon images.

The good news? You don’t have to guess which image will attract the most customers. With PickFu, sellers can test the impact of their photos with a perfectly targeted audience. That’s exactly what this seller did in their recent PickFu poll.

Can you guess which one won?

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