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Everyone loves an opportunity to get a little something extra with their purchase. In e-commerce, an add-on item is known as a product bonus.

A free gift or the option to save money on a package deal could be all it takes to transform your product pages and encourage more conversions. So, how do you know what kind of product bonus your customers are looking for?

In this PickFu poll, the seller was looking for quick insights into what bonus a consumer would like as an add-on with their cat litter purchase.

The poll allowed for a lot of flexibility. Option A suggested a handy poop bag dispenser. Option B asked consumers for an open-ended answer describing the kind of alternative they might like. Notably, the seller asked for an add-on product that wasn’t cat litter.

What do you think the results were?

Which product bonus won?

Option A won the poll, with a total of 31 votes compared to Option B’s 19 votes.

The results can be sliced and diced by age range, gender, ethnicity, education, and income of each consumer. At the same time, the seller added reported traits into whether each respondent was an Amazon Prime member and a cat owner.

Let’s take a look at the responses to find out why each customer chose their unique add-on option for their cat litter.

A handy bag dispenser is a useful product add-on

The overall consensus was that an available bag when scooping litter would be a helpful and logical accessory to have. Respondents explained that having a bag dispenser handy would reduce the amount of work that cat owners needed to do. For instance:

  • “Cleaning the cat box is such a messy process that having a bag dispenser right there would make it so much easier to clean it out multiple times a day. I would be willing to pay a lot for a box with this feature.”
  • “I think [A would be a great add on because I hate having to take plastic garbage bags downstairs to scoop the liter into.”

Even the people in the poll who didn’t have their own cats were able to see the value of having poop bags available for the disposal of litter.

“Since I don’t have a cat,” one respondent said, “I would imagine that having a poop bag dispenser would be nice because it would help with cleaning out the litter box in general. I think it would make the cleaning process less of a hassle.”

This feedback indicates that companies selling cat care accessories could easily deliver high-value product packages by combining cat litter scoopers with litter bags.

The poll offered plenty of alternative ideas

Although the majority of the respondents chose the suggested option of a bag dispenser, 19 out of 50 customers offered alternatives. The most common requests seemed to address the smell of dealing with the cat litter tray. For instance:

  • “Some sort of air freshener that might negate the smell from cat urine and poop.”
  • “I wish that some type of room deodorizer came with cat litter such as a small bottle of strong spray or a small air freshener that is similar to a car freshener.”
  • “Scoop disinfectant to remove bacteria and odor.”

Based on this feedback, it’s easy to see that consumers buying cat products are concerned about the control of odor and bacteria when dealing with litter trays.

Feedback like this offers a useful insight into the most common pain points that customers want to address when they’re shopping for litter and scooping devices.

Getting to know your audience

This featured poll highlights the importance of understanding your audience in every niche.

With the right product combinations, e-commerce companies can sell more of everyday products like scoopers, litter removal bags, and more.

If you’re not sure what your customers really need from your store, try running a PickFu poll for yourself. You can even choose an audience made wholly of cat owners. After all, The more you know about your audience, the more you’ll be able to sell.


Rebekah Carter

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