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PickFu’s John Li joined Norman Farrar, brand strategist and e-commerce expert, on his “Lunch with Norm” podcast to talk about all the ways e-commerce sellers can use PickFu to improve their listings.

Watch the interview, or click through for highlights. Their conversation begins at the 4:50 mark.

Interview highlights

5:40 Introduction and overview of PickFu, a DIY consumer research platform. John and co-founder Justin Chen built PickFu to help with their other business. It’s now their main business. 

6:32 What makes PickFu different from other survey and split testing platforms? Quick response times — within 15 minutes — with written comments from respondents, which provide deeper insights.

9:18 Examples of test variations sellers can run on PickFu. These include main image, product title, product descriptions, and bullet points. Pre-launch, you can use PickFu to test creative, packaging design, and product selection. 

12:40 Importance of split testing different aspects of your listing against competitors’.  

15:28 YES Bar case study. The paleo snack brand ran a PickFu poll to decide on a new main image, which resulted in a 12% increase in sessions. 

19:17 How audience targeting works on PickFu. Beyond the standard demographics, you can target behavioral traits: avid home cooks, Amazon Prime members, beer/wine drinkers, and more.

22:48 On-air demonstration of an open-ended PickFu poll.

30:27 Advantages and disadvantages of running a PickFu survey vs. SurveyMonkey and MTurk.

33:16 Three things sellers can easily test on PickFu to improve their listings. (Hint: main image, secondary image, bullet points.)

37:52 Biggest mistakes people make when running a PickFu poll. Among them: asking double-barreled questions.

43:01 Parting thoughts from John as sellers wind down a busy Q4: “I recommend thinking ahead to next year, early January, when things are slower. With a lot of our sellers, that’s a great time to optimize for the year ahead.”

Learn more: Optimize your product listings by testing design concepts, photos, and descriptions with a target audience of likely buyers.

Janet Rausa Fuller

Janet Rausa Fuller (she/her) is the content marketing manager at PickFu. Her editorial experience spans print and digital, newsroom and agency. She spent years at the Chicago Sun-Times as a reporter and later the food editor before shifting to marketing and content creation. She could live without dark chocolate, but she’d rather not.

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