Testing Book Titles, Covers, and More with PickFu

We created a video just for authors who might want to use PickFu. Well-known writers including Anne Janzer, Tim Grahl, and J.J. Salem have recommended PickFu to fellow publishers. Want to see why?

Here are just a few ideas to get started on your next book.

Book Titles

A book’s title is how a potential reader finds your book, or how a satisfied reader talks about it to a friend. There’s so much to consider when titling your book. Read these tips, and create a list of possible names. Then, use PickFu to poll readers about what they find most compelling.

Book Cover Design Tips from Mike Fishbein

Maybe we’re not supposed to, but we all judge a book by its cover. Don’t take chances when it comes to this key element in your book’s success. Work with a designer to create and iterate your jacket design. See how author Mike Fishbein overcame his personal biases and created a book title and cover that sold over 400 copies in the first ten days of its launch.

How to Write Author Bios for Your Next Bestseller

Your author bio should lend credibility to why a reader should buy your book. Explain your expertise on your book’s subject matter, or tout past writing accomplishments. Strike a balance between establishing yourself as a thought leader while making yourself and your writing seem approachable. Run a poll testing two or more versions of your “About the Author” copy. You can target respondents by age, gender, parental or marital status, and even preference for fiction or non-fiction. Poll respondents will read each version and tell you which one they prefer, and why.

Writing Effective Book Cover Blurbs & Descriptions

After you’ve decided on a memorable title, tested the most effective subhead, and evaluated different cover options, don’t overlook your marketing copy. Your jacket blurb or online book description will turn reader interest into sales. Test your current blurb against one that’s more stylistic or uses a different tone of voice. Create a concise version to see if length makes a difference. Ask a third party, like an editor or a professional copywriter, to describe your book, so that you get an unbiased view. Any of these strategies may help improve book sales.

See this example of a PickFu poll where readers clearly preferred one blurb over another.

Author’s Note: What are the biggest marketing mistakes new authors make? Not using PickFu, obviously. But aside from that, listen to some of the leaders in self-publishing and avoid these errors.


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