Smoker Audience Targeting

Polls based on Smoker specific focus groups: Smoker and Non-Smoker

Polls with Smoker-specific Targeting

Check out 3 surveys targeting smoker. Learn how they pose their questions and view the written responses.

  • Does your spouse mind your smoking?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Relationship Status (Married) and Smoker (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • My wife's mother passed away from cancer many years ago. It has never been a point of discussion, but she doesn't want me smoking around her, and I don't.
    • unfortunately she smokes too
    • I have not smoked for a year now, but when I did smoke my partner did not mind because he smokes too.
    • No because he smokes too.
    • She really, really hates it, actually.
  • Which hookah design do you like?

    This is a 2 option poll with 50 respondents targeting Smoker (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • I like the design of choice A over choice B, the bottom bowl design is bigger but more streamlined, and the whole hookah design in general is sleeker and more rounded. The design to me has a very aesthetically pleasing look to it.
    • I like the more round bowl on the bottom, and the neck design better. It looks more elegant.
    • i like the shape of this option much better im a tall person so it would fit me more
    • I liked the design of the neck on choice B as it does not look as plain as design A
    • I think the bottom one is better because the places for hoses are in a better spot
  • If you are an e-vaper, would you buy this e-liquid based on the image and appearance on the label or box, and why would you buy it?

    This is a 1 option poll with 100 respondents targeting Smoker (Yes). A sample of responses:

    • Doesn`t look appealing, especially with the Parental advisory note
    • I like strawberry so this might be a good flavor for me.
    • I wouldn't purchase it myself, because for one, if I was going to vape, I wouldn't want fruity tasting e-liquids, it is not a preference of mine. As for the packaging, it looks like an old school vibe, maybe early 1980s, but somewhat amateurish. I don't know what the parental advisory label would have to do with e-liquid though.
    • I would not buy this product if it was available to me. I think the package and marketing is aimed at teens and very young adults which makes this ad very offensive to me. The inclusion of the "Parental Advisory" further leads me to believe that this product is meant to appeal to children/teens and I find this reprehensible. Not only would I not buy this product, I would also actively avoid ever buying any product from this company in the future. I would find a way to boycott the company and certainly encourage every person I know who might use vaping products to do the same.
    • No I am not an Evaper, and if I was I probably would not buy it because of the image. It looks like it is targeted to children

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