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Some products have a playful vibe while others scream high-end luxury. Which design will fit best with the brand image you’re trying to create? The smartest way to start choosing products to sell on Amazon is to get input.

In this PickFu poll, a seller asked 50 Amazon Prime members which product looked premium to them. The results will help the seller choose which product has the greatest chance of success on Amazon.

Can you guess which one won?

Which One Won?

Option B earned the top spot as the number one choice for poll respondents. Options A and C placed a distant second and third, respectively.

So, what made Option B stand out for all of the right reasons? For some people, the guiding factor was the product’s color. The gray clothing basket seems to convey more sophistication than any shade of blue. The neutral tones and thick rope handle on the product highlighted its luxurious nature.

Choosing products to sell on Amazon: What survey respondents had to say

Here are some of the most useful customer comments:

  • “The gray one … looks by far the most upscale to me; it is elegant, I like the rope handle and the white border at the top, it would be a clear first choice for me, and it looks like the most upscale one.”
  • “Option B is my favorite by far because the material looks to be of a higher quality, and the rope handles are thicker. Option A is a downgrade in quality and doesn’t look like to be too supportive of heavy loads. The same can be said for Option C – the material appears to not be that good quality-wise, and the handles don’t look like they would last long. Options A and C it looks like the handles would rip right off after a few uses (if you were doing laundry for example).”
  • “In my opinion, Option B looks the most ‘premium’ mainly because of the handles; they appear to be a thick rope, which is nice and makes me think that the product is sturdy. Option C has leather handles which are also nice, but I just think that Option B’s presentation in addition to its handles is the most expensive-looking. As for Option A, I like the design of it, but I don’t think it looks ‘premium,’ it reminds me of something I could find at Walmart whenever I needed it.”
  • “I chose Option B first because the rope handles appear very sturdy and well made with a plain look to it instead of focusing on an elaborate pattern. I chose Option A next because the pattern chosen is simple, yet elegant. Finally, I chose Option C as my last choice because from the picture given, the handles look little more than paper and the pattern, although nice, seems a little too elaborate for a premium item.”

Creating the right aesthetic with your products

Not everyone agreed that Option B was the best. Some customers said that they preferred the chevron pattern of Option A or the mood-lifting design of Option C. When choosing products to sell online, it’s often smart to choose items or patterns with the broadest appeal.

Design choices are subjective, but online sales is a numbers game. If you’re not sure which color palettes or patterns will work best for your brand, use PickFu to ask potential shoppers what they have to say. To convey a luxury vibe, you can even target poll respondents by income.


Rebekah Carter

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