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When choosing products to sell online, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If the product you want to sell is popular with the masses, embrace its popularity. 

But because trends come and go, it’s good to test products side by side and see which is more appealing. You’ll get an idea of which products to stock up on. 

In this PickFu poll, the seller is choosing products to sell online by asking which set of motivational wall art prints would be more popular. The two sets of prints have different motivational sayings and different designs. The most notable difference is that Option A includes some graphic elements, while Option B is just text designs. 

Can you guess which set of prints won?

The winner of this poll is Option A! The first set of motivational prints won by a small margin, only 54% to 46%. Both options share a similar vibe, so what gave Option A the edge with the voters? Let’s go through some of their feedback to find out.  

When choosing products to sell online, use profanity wisely 

Whatever product you’re selling, it’s important to know your audience – their income levels, their style preferences, and even their core values. When it came to profanity in the motivational sayings, the audience polled was split. 

Several respondents who voted for Option A were against the inclusion of profanity: 

  • “This choice has no profanity. The font and graphics are professionally done and respectful in nature.”
  • “I would want the ones without vulgar words on them!”
  • “I would choose this option because the alternative used profanity and would be inappropriate to hang in a professional environment.”

However, several respondents voted for Option B because of the swear word:

  • “[Option] B is slightly more aggressive and vulgar but is more direct and likely to be motivational.”
  • “I will choose profanity every time…it’s just my humor.”
  • “I like the “Get sh*t done,” wall art. Is humorous, what everyone needs once in a while in their life.”

If you’re thinking about including any profanity on your products, then you need to be confident that your audience will like it. Anyone opposed to swear words will be instantly turned off by these products, and possibly anything else you sell by extension. 

When choosing products to sell online, the extra details matter   

Attention to detail can make a big difference in how popular your products are with your market. Many of the small graphic details in the first set of motivational prints are what drew in the respondents, particularly the addition of the maze graphic. 

  • “I think the little maze in the “Be productive,” sign sold me on [Option] A. It’s really cute, and it really spoke to me.”
  • “The graphics that accompany the text will help emphasize the messages.”
  • “Inclusion of design and doodles helps make it more interesting.”

In visual design, a little can go a long way in setting your products apart. Play with different designs, try surprising details, and don’t be afraid to experiment. You can always test out different design mockups using PickFu before committing to a single design. 

Key takeaways     

Based on the close results of this poll, we can see that certain product choices may be divisive. When choosing products to sell online, the use of profanity and stronger humor will either draw your audience in or turn them away – be sure you know which it will be before going to market. If you’re not sure, try split testing with PickFu polls first. It’s a quick and affordable way to get real feedback from a live audience.  


Robyn Petrik

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