Why message testing is important for your business

In today’s e-commerce landscape, consumers are constantly bombarded by messages and advertisements — as many as 10,000 ads in the course of a single day, by some estimates.

With that level of noise, you need to know how to speak to your target audience. The way you communicate, whether for a product launch or a rebranding campaign, is key to building relationships and turning potential customers into brand loyalists.

But how do you know if you’ve crafted the right messaging? Does it prompt your audience to take the next step: click to the next page, add that product to the cart, or pick up the phone to learn more?

Chances are, you’re not entirely sure. That’s where message testing comes in.

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Concept testing: What it is and why you need it

You’ve done your research. For hours, you and your team have brainstormed a product idea and you’re pretty sure it fulfills an existing pain point in your customers. You’re so excited to share your new product with the world that you just want to rush it out and start selling it.

Don’t do it.


Here’s why: 95% of the time, new product launches crash to the ground or fail to ever take off.

How can you keep yours from becoming one of them? The answer is simple but powerful: by implementing the ever-important step of concept testing.

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