How one tiny detail tilted this book cover poll in favor of the winner

When it comes to book cover design, it might seem like only the major details matter. But as one author discovered in this PickFu poll, the most minute details can sometimes make the biggest difference.

The author asked 50 LBGT+ respondents which of two cover designs they would choose for a book titled, Sheltered Town. Both covers feature one woman embracing another. The only difference is that in Option A, the blonde woman’s head is tilted downward. In Option B, she’s facing the camera head-on.

Can you guess which one won?

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Which One Won? Choosing a book cover that leads to adventure

Is there a secret to creating a book cover that attracts both well-worn travelers and those who love the occasional adventure?

This Ranked poll asked 50 frequent and occasional travelers to choose the cover they found most appealing for a book about finding greater meaning in travel. The title of the book is Hidden Travel: The Secret to Extraordinary Trips.

Options A and D are scene-based covers. Options B and C feature a black background and a tunnel leading to adventure.

Can you guess which one won?

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3 data insights for authors

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Caleb Kaiser at for contributing the following guest post.

The publishing world earned its reputation for being opaque. If you want even basic data points, like book sales for a given title, you’re forced to cobble together numbers from a variety of sources — Nielsen BookScan, Amazon rankings, etc — just to get a vague estimate.

This dearth of data is part of what makes PickFu valuable to authors. PickFu gives you a quantifiable way to approach decisions like picking a cover image, writing a book description, or settling on a title based on data.

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