How to Grow an Amazon Business into a 6-Figure Income

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Urtasker for the following guest post.

E-commerce is one of the best and most effective ways to earn a return on your investment. And Amazon offers the perfect platform to attract a large number of qualified leads.

How do you funnel the maximum number of visitors to your Amazon product listing? Just some of the few online tools and strategies include

  • social media advertising
  • search engine optimization
  • online forums
  • press releases
  • PPC campaigns
  • influencer marketing
  • business directories

However, when it comes to hitting the magic six-figure revenue number, what steps must an Amazon seller take to make the dream happen? Let’s dive in with some strategies.

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Which One Won? An app icon with mass appeal

Considering images get more attention than text, creating the perfect app icon can make or break your new app. Your icon needs to be visually appealing and instantly convey the app’s usefulness and appeal. While an app icon is literally a small image, it has a big impact!

In this PickFu poll, the developers of a dating app want to see which mobile app icon is more appealing. Similar to other big-name dating apps, Singles Around Me focuses on finding singles currently near you and is intended for both men and women. 

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Which One Won? Organization vs. Clutter

When designing the main image for a product that consists of multiple pieces, it’s critical to think about how the component parts are arranged.

In a recent PickFu poll, one Amazon seller split tested two main product images for a Treasure Box toy set. The seller received responses from 50 members of the general population in 26 minutes.

In Option A, the toys form a clump in front of the box, playing off the visual we associate with a treasure chest: a pile of gold, silver, and jewels straight out of a tale of swashbuckling pirates on the high seas.

Option B shows the toys neatly organized in front of the box, with like items displayed together.

Can you guess which one won?

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Which One Won? How to choose a book title that speaks to readers

When looking for a new book to read, the first thing a potential reader will notice is the book title. That split second can make the difference between a reader looking further at the book or continuing to browse. So how to choose a book title that’s catchy and interesting? Test your title ideas on PickFu.

In this book title test, an author presented two different book titles and asked 50 respondents which they liked better.

Option A was The Unexpected Picasso, and Option B was Ndugu: The Portrait Painter Who Couldn’t Paint.

Can you guess which book title won?

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Which One Won? Testing product photos and learning from a leg

If you’re selling a product that shoppers may be unfamiliar with, the main product image is an opportunity to convey how it’s used. That’s why testing product photos is essential to help your listing stand out.

In a recent PickFu poll, an e-commerce seller asked a panel of 50 women to choose between two product images for a set of resistance bands.

Both choices showed an image of the bands with a storage bag, but Option B featured a photo of a ballerina using a band to stretch her leg, while Option A showed only the ballerina’s leg.

Can you guess which one won?

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Which One Won? Testing book covers to see if they give too much away

When readers pick up a book about the end of the world, do they want the cover to hint at the ending? Or is that too much information, taking away the thrill of discovery? The best way to know: testing book covers.

One author used PickFu to create a book cover test for a post-apocalyptic thriller.

Option A shows a woman and man running away from a burning world, with two people in hazmat suits carrying a stretcher in the background.

Option B does away with the man and woman and brings the two people in hazmat suits to the foreground.

Can you guess which one won?

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Which One Won? Capturing a company’s essence in a logo

Sam Bass, designer of popular logos such as AT&T, Warner Brothers, and United Airlines, once said, “Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company.”

That puts a lot of pressure on a company to create the perfect logo.

Many companies use PickFu polls to help them test and see how effectively their logos and identity systems depict their mission to their audience. One company recently created a PickFu poll to test two different logos. It asked the test panel, “Which logo evokes a sense of luxury and appeal?”

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Which One Won? Does Sex Sell on Thriller Covers?

We hear the phrase “sex sells” tossed around quite often in advertising. But does this apply to selling thriller books as well?

A recent PickFu poll helped give us greater insight into how much sexuality to include on the cover of a thriller.

The author asked the test panel which cover for a thriller novel they liked best.

Option A shows a page with different images separated by paper rips. The most eye-catching image is one of a woman lying on a bed, looking at the camera.

Which One Won? Does Sex Sell on Thriller Covers?

Option B shows a semi-transparent silhouette of a woman, whose back is to the camera as she looks out at a beach.

Which One Won? Does Sex Sell on Thriller Covers?

Can you guess which one won?

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Which One Won? One Book Cover for Two Genres

Readers tend to have certain expectations of what a book cover should look like for a particular genre, whether it be a couple on a romance novel, blood on a murder mystery book, dragons on fantasy fiction, etc. People look for elemental clues on the cover to determine which type of book it is and whether they want to read it.

But what if a novel spans multiple genres? How can the cover capture the interest of readers of each genre?

One author created a PickFu poll to see how a target audience would react to two different covers for a fantasy fiction novel about time travel that also includes an element of romance.

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Which One Won? Displaying Packaging on an E-commerce Listing

What’s the right balance of text to photo on an Amazon listing? Do users prefer seeing the product packaging on a listing? These were some of the questions addressed in a recent PickFu Poll.

Here’s how this Amazon split test was set up. A company asked a test panel of men and women, ages 18-44, “Which design do you like most and why? Would you leave 5-pack circle on or not? Why?”

Option A shows five different burp cloths laid out, giving consumers a view of the pattern on each cloth.

Which One Won? Displaying Packaging on an eCommerce Listing

Option B shows each cloth rolled up with a picture of the cloths in the packaging on the side.

Which One Won? Displaying Packaging on an eCommerce Listing

On both images is a large teal-colored circle that reads “5-Pack.”

Can you guess which one won?

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