Which One Won? Starting a business selling baby products

What’s one of the first things moms-to-be add to their Amazon baby registries? Nursing covers. They’re irresistibly stretchy, and they aren’t just for breastfeeding. Moms also use them as shopping cart supports, car seat covers, and stroller shades.

Because of this, options abound. If you’re starting a business selling baby products, then making your brand stand out from the crowd can be challenging.

In a recent poll, one PickFu user tested three main product images of their nursing cover. They targeted females and Amazon Prime Members in order to achieve the most relevant results.

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Which One Won? Choosing products to sell on Amazon

Some products have a playful vibe while others scream high-end luxury. Which design will fit best with the brand image you’re trying to create? The smartest way to start choosing products to sell on Amazon is to get input.

In this PickFu poll, a seller asked 50 Amazon Prime members which product looked premium to them. The results will help the seller choose which product has the greatest chance of success on Amazon.

Can you guess which one won?

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Shopify A/B Testing: The Ultimate Guide

It’s thrilling to set up your own online store, especially on a platform like Shopify, which makes it easy for sellers to create and maintain sleek e-commerce storefronts.

But despite the ease with which you can share to social media, blog about your product, and curate a website, there’s an additional step you need to think about.

To enjoy success, you need to do some Shopify A/B testing. This will help make sure your customers are responding to what you’re selling and how you’re presenting it.

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Which One Won? How to choose the right packaging for your product

The way you package your items can have a significant impact on how much you sell, particularly in a competitive marketplace like Amazon. But do you know how to choose the right packaging for your product?

One simple way is to ask a large group of people what they think. PickFu makes it easy to poll 50-500 people in your target market in an instant.

A small change in the typography or different color palette can have a dramatic impact on sales. In this recent PickFu poll, a seller of makeup remover cloths showed two packaging options to 100 women who are Amazon Prime members and between the ages of 25-34.

Can you guess which one won?

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Which One Won? Bundling products on Amazon

Deciding how to take a product to market can be difficult. You need to determine a pricing strategy that appeals to your target audience. One easy way to assess whether bundling products on Amazon is a worthwhile idea is to run a PickFu poll.

In this poll, the seller wants to see whether they could achieve better results by selling two products separately or combining them together into a cost-efficient bundle.

Bundling products on Amazon

Can you guess which one won?

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How to Retarget Amazon Customers on Facebook: 5 Strategies

Editor’s note: Thanks to Anthony Bui-Tran of Pixelfy for this guest post on how to retarget Amazon customers on Facebook.

In marketing terms, the basic difference between targeting and retargeting (sometimes called remarketing) is that in targeting, your brand talks to cold audiences, while in retargeting, you talk to warmer audiences. Therefore, once you learn how to retarget Amazon customers on Facebook, your campaigns have a higher chance of engagement and will generally see a higher click-through rate than targeting. It not only provides higher value for the money, but it also helps you build a reliable brand following.

I’ve put together this detailed guide on how to retarget Amazon customers on Facebook based on my selling experience. I’ll share five best practices, along with a simple tool my partners and I developed to take your retargeting ads to the next level.

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Which One Won? Does steak sell steak knives?

There’s nothing more natural-looking than a steak knife cutting into a slab of meat. The sight can make a meat lover’s mouth water, and it would follow that featuring a nice cut of meat next to a steak knife set could appeal to potential customers.

One seller recently ran a PickFu poll to test that very thing. They wanted to know which primary Amazon photo to use for their steak knife listing.

Option A showcases a steak knife set, two accessories, and an image of…well…steak.

In Option B, the steak is gone and instead, all three accessories are visible.

Can you guess which one won?

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Which One Won? Product titles and close poll results

Product images may be the most important part of your e-commerce listing, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the written parts of the listing. Potential customers read through product titles and descriptions, looking for features and selling points to convince them which product to choose. 

In this PickFu poll, an e-commerce shop owner tested two product titles with an audience of 50 Amazon Prime members who were also hikers. Both titles share some similar features and keywords, but Option A highlighted relief from neck and back pain while Option B highlighted that it would retain its shape for 5 years.  

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Which One Won? Amazon product images

While different elements like reviews, product titles, and descriptions come together to make an effective product listing, one thing generally captures our attention quicker than anything else: The Amazon product images.

Your product image provides your audience with useful information about the quality of the product that they’re getting, and what they can expect from your company. It’s no wonder that hundreds of sellers use PickFu to ensure they’re using the right images on Amazon.

In this PickFu poll, the seller wants to find out which image would drive the most clicks on the Amazon search results for a new product. Can you guess which one won?

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